The ONEPLUS NORD N10 5G In-Depth Real Review (Unboxing, Testing, Teardown etc) + bonus Buds Z Review

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A massive thank you to the OnePlus Official Store on AliExpress for contacting me and sending me out this package to review. I really do appreciate it. As well as their understanding and patience with me making this video over a long amount of time.

If you are interested in this device, the links are here for you all. They are not affiliate links, I do not receive any commission from them.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G:
OnePlus Buds Z:

Use coupon code OPN26910 to get $10 USD off your order, hopefully this still works!
*My opinions in this video are my own, I am not being paid by OnePlus to provide positive reviews, they have just sent out samples for me to review which is what I like to do :)

OnePlus. A name I didn't think I'd be mentioning on my channel but here we are.
OnePlus contacted me and asked me if I wanted to look at the Nord N10 5G and while my experience was OnePlus was rocky, I decided to accept it and give OnePlus the benefit of the doubt and I can safely say they have won my reputation back.

The phone is a great budget device, but the Poco X3 NFC is cheaper and does offer more - but the N10 has it's advantages over the Poco X3. I would highly recommend watching the Poco X3 video first before this one in case you have both phones side by side in your mind and thinking of getting one.
The link for the Poco X3 NFC is in my review of that phone.

I filmed just under 5 hours for this review. A lot of stuff was happening behind the scenes but I finally managed to get it done. Thank you to all those who supported me during the rough patch and I really do hope this delivers.
I know this one may not be for everyone and that's ok but I did do as much as I could for this one.

Anyways folks, grab a nice cool drink and a snack, sit back and I hope you all enjoy this one!
Timestamps are included and should be integrated into the video for you to skip through to wherever you like, no
harm done if you don't want to watch the entire thing in one sitting (Completely understandable) :)

Thanks for all the support everyone. I appreciate it. Be good people!

Intro/Brief Story: 0:00
Thank you & Pricing: 1:44
Poco X3 NFC Pricing etc: 3:48
The Specifications of the N10 5G: 4:37
The Nord N10 5G listing: 6:18
Unboxing: 9:54
Looking at the device: 12:20
Power on, setup & fingerprint: 14:18
Standby Results, Networks and Call Quality: 16:19
The User Interface & Applications: 18:50
Settings, Networks, Display & Customization: 20:47
Settings, Sounds & Buttons & Gestures : 25:37
Settings, Applications List, Face Unlock & Security: 28:50
Settings, Location, Battery, Storage, System & Updates: 31:29
Positives so far, Camera app & Features: 35:30
Camera Test: 38:02
Camera test results: 44:08
Internet/Browser Test: 47:24
YouTube Test: 48:43
Audio Test: 50:46
OnePlus Buds Z Bonus Review: 54:42
Gaming Test: 1:04:29
Geekbench and Spec Apps: 1:10:31
Teardown: 1:12:16
Conclusion - Nord N10 or Poco X3?: 1:18:39
TL;DW: 1:22:44
Thank you, links & updates: 1:22:47
Outro: 1:25:18

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Instagram: s.moorez
Mick Gordon - BFG 10K (Doom Eternal Soundtrack)

Speaker Tests:
Mick Gordon - BFG Division (DOOM 2016 Soundtrack)

Camera Test Background:
L.A Noire Main Menu Theme - Andrew & Simon Hale (Camera Test)

Video Test:
4K Video In Costa Rica by Jacob + Katie Schwarz
Intro - made by: GRAMA Design (Grunge/Glitch)
*All images used in the video belong to their rightful owners but are used under fair use/demonstration.
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