macOS Big Sur BETA 7 Preview - Apple Silicon Mac 2020 with A14X Chip & Apple Face Mask Revealed...

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macOS Big Sur beta 7 is an expected update and will succeed macOs 11 Big Sur beta 6. Most of the issues being experienced on macOs 11 Big Sur beta 6 are expected to be fixed with macOS 11 Big Sur beta 7 update.

Apple's 5-nanometer-based A14X processor, which is destined for the first Apple Silicon Mac and the next-generation iPad Pro, will enter mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, reports DigiTimes.

Apple takes pride in its minimalistic, refined product design. It's no wonder, then, that the company has its own idea of what a protective face mask should look like.

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00:00 - introduction
01:11 - macOS Big Sur 11 Beta 7 dates
02:46 - Update size and new features and changes expected
04:00 - Youtube community poll & comments
04:44 - Apple silicon Macbook 2020 A14X Chip
05:53 - Apple Face Mask
06:50 - Conclusion, summary & a big Thanks

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