Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T vs Samsung S20 FE | Camera, Speed, Battery & More Compared

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Comparing Google's Pixel 5 vs the OnePlus 8T and Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) to see which is best for camera performance, gaming, battery life and specs/features. I've been testing these three phones for my full reviews, but you can check out my unboxing with them all for a closer look.

The Pixel 5 is Google's big 2020 flagship phone, costing £599 in the UK and boasting one of the greatest camera setups around. However, the fresh OnePlus 8T offers strong rivalry, as does Samsung's S20 FE, which can be yours for a very similar price. They can't match it for picture quality across a range of conditions, but they do have Pro photo controls while the Galaxy is my favourite for video recording.

If you're a gamer, that Pixel is actually the weakest of the group with its Snapdragon 765G and lack of gaming features. All the same, PubG and Call of Duty play perfectly on high detail settings - while the OP8T and S20 FE blaze through any Android title, complete with game tools on top.

My battery drain test comparison threw up a strange result, which goes to show it's no replacement for real life testing. As I've been reviewing the Pixel 5, it's impressed me a lot for all-day longevity despite having the smallest battery here.

So which is your favourite phone? My final verdict on the Google flagship will be going live straight after this video, check out my OxygenOS 11 tips guide for more on the OnePlus 8T!
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