Apple Watch Series 3 - Unboxing & Review 38mm GPS & 42mm Cellular (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW)

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Despite the Series 3 being out for a couple of years now, it still stands as one of the most popular wearables in 2020. Theres something about the Series 3 that makes it such an attractive option. It does everything you'd come to expect from a smart watch. Sure it doesnt have the fanciest bells and whistles like on the Series 5, but is still more than adequate for most people.

(GREAT $199 Entry Price)

Mother's Day just passed last week, and I was able to get my mom a 38mm for Mother's day. It can make a great gift for any occasion! Graduations, Father's Day, Birthday Presents, the list goes on! Any tech lover will love this series 3 so I hope you enjoy this quick video on everything you need to know about the series 3.

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